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    • Night on Earth(Netflix) 

      • This series uses new technology to see animals ​after dark.

    • Disney Nature

      • Disney Nature has 11 movies, an​d just released two new ones. All these movies are about different types of animals.

    • Jane(Prime/Google/YouTube/Vudo for $3.99 or Hulu/Disney+)

      • This documentary takes you on the journey of Jane ​Goodall and her experiences in Tanzania 

    • Ladies 1st (Netflix)

      • Inspirational story of a girl born into poverty ​ in  India. When looking for food, she found  archery and became the #1 archer in the world.

    • Batkid Begins(Prime, Google,YouTube, Vudo,iTunes-2.99)

      • The Make-A-Wish Foundation​ and the city of San Francisco rally around a 5 year old who has Leukemia to make his dream of being Batman for one day come true.

    • Blindsight (Prime-3.99)

      • 6 blind teenagers who are outcasts in their country due to their disability band together to climb Mount Everest.

    • First Position(Prime, Google,YouTube, Vudo,iTunes-2.99)

      • 6  young ballet students from different backgrounds​ prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix where new talent is scouted.

    • Living Off $1 a day(Netflix)

      • Living Off $1 ​ follows a journey of 4 friends trying to make it with $1 a day in rural Guatemala.

    • I am Bolt(Prime-11.99, Google,YouTube, Vudo,iTunes-3.99, Netflix)

      • I am Bolt follows the legendary runner Usain Bolt as he prepares for the 2016 Oylmpics.

    • Brain Child

      • Brain Child is a show that teaches kids lessons on things ranging from germs  to social media. Everything they talk about is backed and explained by science.​

    •  Kindness Diaries(Netflix) 

      • Kindness diaries is a 13 episode series on Netflix. This show is run on kindness and is inspiring. Leon travels from Alaska to Chile with no money or places to stay. All he has to rely on is the kindness of strangers. (Note to parents:This person has a lot of interaction with strangers. I recommend 7 and up)

    • Expedition Happiness(Netflix or Prime/Google/Youtube for $3.99)

      • A couple from Germany turn a school bus into a tiny home and then travel around North America having a bunch of memorable experiences.(Note to parents:Their dog gets very sick toward the end of the movie. I recommend  this for 9 and up)



  • Wow in the World

    • Wow in the World is a podcast that takes you on silly scientific journeys.

  • Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

    • Based on the book by the same name, this  tells inspiring stories of women.​

  • Ted-Ed​

    • An educational podcast covering a wide variation of topics.​

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YouTube -  This is a family hair styles channel. - This is the bracelet channel I use to learn new patterns, but their are lots of others if you want to explore. - This is an audio-only Spanish  learning  program on YouTube.

Kids in Technology Class
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Virtual Tours

Though we are all inside, it is a good time to experience the places you may not have otherwise.

Great Wall of China- 

Boston Childrens Musseum- 

The Louvre-

US Space & Rocket Center - 




National Parks-




GoNoodle help kids get active with fun activities.


Scratch is a very simple coding program  that uses blocks to teach kids to code.

Mystery Doug-

Mystery Doug publishes educational science videos to help kids discovery new things.

Chrome Music-

On Chrome Music you can make music by drawing and find other engaging way to get kids into making music. 

Kindness 101-

Reporter Steve Hartman shows examples of the kindness he has seen during his career with CBS.

Arts and Crafts Ideas-

Craft guide-

Fashion Activities-

Readings by Authors

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Story Compilation-

This website has put together a lot of books with different people reading them. These books including A Bad Case of Stripes and one of my all time favorites, Stellaluna.

Doodle with Mo-

Renowned children writer and illustrator Mo William teaches kids about the world of publishing books and how to draw our favorite characters like Elephant and Piggy and the Pigeon from Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus.