Thank you notes 

Write thank you notes to the people who are still working at this time to make sure our lives keep going. Some people you may want to write to are mail people, trash workers, grocery workers, as well as people who work in hospitals, like doctors, nurses, and custodians. 

Letters of joy

People in nursing homes cannot have visitors, so cheer up their day with a note. You can draw a picture and a little note or you can tell them a little about yourself.

Chalk Inspiration notes

Write happy notes on the sidewalk so when people are getting out and about for that short amount of time they have something that makes them smile.

Notes in windows

You can also put notes or happy drawings in windows so they cheer people up when they drive by. You can also use the notes to express support for essential workers or to thank people who deliver food or packages.

Help out family

A simple act of helping out around the house without being asked or complaining can be a big help. The more that you help, the more your parents will be able to play and do things you want to do.

Deliver Treats 

Delivering a treat will bring anyone who is having a bad day a smile, and you may even be able to see a friend from a safe distance.​

Buy gift cards for your favorite restaurants

Since you can't sit down at a restaurant to help them keep going,  get a gift card to help support the restaurant and you can enjoy the food when this is all done.

Make face shields for nurses and doctors

Help the nurses and doctors with simple face shields.  Use videos like this and donate them.

Leave little notes around your house or neighborhood

Happy notes brighten up the situation and is a fun surprise.

Offer to help a neighbor who is old or immunocompromised  

Offer to help get groceries or supplies for someone is more vulnerable to the virus and needs to stay home.