100 Fun things t0 d0


With all this free time, pick up a book you have been wanting to read. If you don’t have any ideas, ask friends for their favorites. Even though the libraries are closed, many public libraries loan eBooks. Check out their websites for details. Keep a list of all the books you have read in quarantine. 

2.Spa Day

Take an hour or two to relax. Take a bath with a bath bomb, do a face mask, or paint your nails. 

3.Board Games

Pull out an old board game. If your friend has the same game, facetime or use an online meeting program like Zoom to play it together.

4.Play outside

Nice days are here, so use them. Get out in your backyard, soak in the sunshine, and get some vitamin D.

5.Study a country

While we can’t actually travel, it is still possible to have fun learning about different countries and cultures. Pick out a country and learn about it online. For extra fun, you can find a recipe for a tasty treat from that country and make it.​


Make a delicious sweet treat to eat in this hard time. You can wrap extras up and drop them off on a neighbor’s porch for a sweet surprise.


 Have you heard of the popular show on Food Network where contestants see who can make the best dish with a couple random ingredients? We all have leftovers that our parents don't want us to throw away or weird items in our pantry. So have your parents give you some items and start cooking!

8.Build a cardboard city

Take some of those boxes bringing in supplies, and (after letting them sit for a day or two) reuse them by turning them into a city. The possibilities are endless! Use it as a set to film a short movie or do a puppet show.

9.Watch a documentary

There are plenty of great documentaries out there where you can learn about subjects ranging from nature to history to travel. If you need ideas, look at the list on the Resources page

10.Spring clean

We have extra time, and maybe we should clean what we have been putting off. This will also make your parents happy!

11.Take a Walk

While maintaining 6 feet of distance from people not in your family, get outside and move those legs.  It is spring, so enjoy all the blooming flowers. 

12.Arts + Crafts

There are a lot of fun arts and crafts. You will be able make something with the stuff you already have in your home if you get creative. You can get inspiration on Pinterest.

13.Write a story (or even a book!)

Write about what you are experiencing or something to help you escape reality.

14.Make a play

Get your siblings together and write a play and perform it. If you are an only child, you get more parts!


Spend a day transforming your yard into a food or flower garden and watch it grow.

16.Draw with chalk

Draw wherever your imagination takes you. A fun idea is to draw a background (like a surfboard and wave or outer space) and then lie down and take a picture. You can also write inspirational notes for your neighbors or others walking by.  

17.Make a meal for your parents

Your parents are making a ton more meals, so give them a break and design a delicious feast for them. For extra fun, you can make it fancy by setting the table and putting out flowers and serving the food like in a restaurant.


Get a white shirt or socks, some dye, and make some colorful patterns.

19.Learn a new language

Get ahead for school or learn a language your school does not provide. You can use an online program like Duolingo or Babel or find helpful videos on YouTube.

20.Fashion show

Show off all your clothes, old and new, in a fantastic fashion show with music and a runway.

21.Blind Makeover

Blindfold one person and give them makeup and the power to do anything to your face.

22.Pretend to travel the world

Make a passport and get a map. “Fly” around the world, doing activities, listening to music, and making food from the areas that you "visit". You can watch travel videos on YouTube to see the sites.

23.Corona Blues Party

Though you may be sad that a lot of things have been canceled, to cheer yourself up, throw a Corona Blues Party. Get dressed in blue, make blue decorations, and start to party. You can do it with your family or virtually with a bunch of friends.

24.Pillow Fort

What is better than to make an awesome pillow fort? Snuggle in and read a fantastic book.

25.Read old journal 

Go through things you wrote when you were younger to see how much you have changed and what you were thinking about a few years ago.

 26.Make a scavenger hunt

Make a scavenger hunt for your family with memories or just objects around your house. You can do it in teams or all together. If you are bored of taking a walk on the same path every day, make a scavenger hunt to spice up the walk (find a red door, pink flower, chimney, bike, car with 3 or more bumper stickers, etc.)

27.Do a puzzle

A big jigsaw puzzle is a great way to pass the time.

 28.Draw or paint a picture of the flowers

Go outside and get inspiration. Then draw a beautiful blossom of your own.

29.Obstacle course

Use items from around your house and build an obstacle course. Maybe by the end of this you will be ready for American Ninja Warrior!

30.Indoor picnic  

Whether it is cold or dark or you just want to be inside, lay a blanket on the floor and have a picnic.

31.Plan a vacation 

Have you fantasized about vacation while being stuck at home? Well, plan it out! If you get everything planned, you may be able to convince your parents to go!

32.Make a Vision Board 

Think about what you want your future to look like and cut out pictures that represent that. Or make one for your dream room or vacation. You can also do one online using Pinterest. 

33.Time capsule

Put some things that represent you in a box and bury it in your backyard. In 5 years, dig it up and see how much you have changed.

34.Make play dough/ slime

To help relieve anxiety, make some slime or play dough. Be careful not to get it on the carpet or your mom will get very mad (I am speaking from personal experience!).

35.Create a board game

Take inspiration from your favorite games. Mix and match ideas and create a game of your own.

36.Word search 

Do a word search about something you are interested in. You may even learn something too. If you type in “word search” and what you are interested in online, one usually pops up.

37.Science experiments

Simple science experiments can be done by watching flowers and charting what you see or making slime, but there are also fancier ones you can do like putting Mentos into Coke. You could take a engineering challenge like building a container that keeps an egg from  breaking. See how high you can drop it from before it breaks!

38.Make friendship bracelets

Get some string and make some colorful friendship bracelets. You can find videos on how to make them and cool patterns on YouTube. Send your friends bracelets. Everyone is cooped up inside, and it is fun to receive something special just for you in the mail. 

39.Exercise class

Do an online fitness class with your family, or, if you want to be super fancy, plan your own.

40.Teach your dog a new trick or get a dog

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but try to defeat the odds and teach your dog a fun trick. If you don't have a dog, it may be a perfect opportunity to convince your parents to get one since everyone is at home and can help take care of it. 

41.Journal your experience

Though you may not like this right now, it will be a story to tell. This does not happen that often, so keep track of it by keeping a journal. One day you can show it to your kids or a historian a long time from now may even be interested in learning about a kid’s experience of this strange time.

44.Photo shot

Even though we are stuck at home, that does not mean we cannot get dressed up and get some fancy photos.

45.Design clothes

Draw your perfect outfit, maybe just for a regular day or even for your wedding day. You could also try designing one for other people in your home.


You have paper and the internet, now make an amazing piece of art. If you get good, send it to your friends with a letter on it.

47.Learn or practice an instrument 

Stop pushing off your instrument practice and do it. Then you can perform over facetime for family and friends. To change things up, get some fresh air and do it outside so you don’t disturb your family.

48.Family Game show

You watched those game shows, now run one for your family. You can even video it. 

49.Make a scrapbook

Make a scrapbook of this event or a vacation or event at school.

50.Room makeover

Change up your room by moving around your furniture or adding some new decorations.

51.Inspiration collage 

Use a magazine that you are not using anymore and cut out words that inspire you and put them on a colored piece of paper or poster board. Hang it up and it will inspire you when you look at it.

52. Karaoke 

Gather the family up, get the phone out with songs rolling, and let the voices come out.

53.Make a fairy house 

Gather spring things from around the yard and put it all together to make the ultimate fairy house. 

54.Thank you letters

Write a simple thank you to those who make these times closer to normal and keep the world running, like grocery store workers, mailmen, garbage men, and healthcare workers. 

55.Nursing home letters

In this time, people living in nursing homes cannot have visitors. So brighten up their day by sending in notes.

56.Listen to Podcasts

There are lots of entertaining podcasts you can listen to while cleaning or walking or just when you want some noise.

57.Design a futuristic vehicle

Each year new movies come out depicting what the future may bring. Draw and maybe even build your own car from the future. When you grow up, maybe you will be driving around in it!

58.Build a tower

Make it into a competition or just build as high as you can. You don't need much. You can build with legos, magnatiles, blocks, boxes, or anything you have at home. 

59.Dress up

Get silly and dress up. See who can make the silliest combos. Bring some laughs to your friends and family.

60.Make a bucket list

Make a list of things you want to accomplish in life or just for quarantine. With all of this time, you can start knocking things off your list.

61.Learn to code

A lot of things are switching online and it is a good time to learn how everything works. There are a lot of awesome sites to learn on like scratch, python, code.org and others.

 62.Camp in the backyard

In most places the weather is starting to warm up, so sleep under the stars.

63.Learn Magic 

Learn magic so you can wow your friends when we are allowed to leave our homes again. You could also perform it now over the magic of technology.

64.Recreate photos from when you were young

Bring back lots and lots of memories. Get out some old photos and recreate them by wearing similar clothes and getting in the same poses from when you were little.



65.Draw a blueprint of your dream house

Put all the rooms you ever wanted into your dream home. This is your chance to have an indoor slide or video game room!

66.Dance Party

Get moving and grooving and boogie. Although we can't dance in person with friends, you can do it over a video chat. You can dress down or up. It is up to you.

67.Make bird feeders

With spring arriving, the birds have come back. Make bird feeders and watch them come to your yard. You can look up what kinds of birds visit.

68.Learn to knit

Learn to knit and make blankets and stuffed animals. You can give them to your friends or keep them, but they will comfort someone.

69.Make a movie

Write an amazing movie script and send it out to all your friends. Everyone can act out their part and send it back to you to edit. You can also use apps like 1 Second Everyday to document your experience in quarantine.

70.Learn new hair styles

With everyone stuck in their homes, your hair is going to get long unless you do a DIY haircut, so learn a way to style it. One great channel to learn on is Cute Girls Hairstyles, but I am sure there are others.


Take time to reflect on everything around you, take some deep breaths, and calm your nerves.


Make lots of fun games and split your family into teams. You can make medals for the winners. Some fun games are tug of war, 3 leg races, and shot put.

73.Make a secret language

When you go out of your house, you may want to talk to someone without anyone knowing what you are saying. Make up your own language, and you won't have to whisper in public again.

 74.Gratitude list

Make a list of everything that you are thankful for. When times are uncertain, it is good to stay positive and thankful.

75.Make putt putt course

Make a putt putt course throughout your home. Use hats as the holes and use towels and other household items to build the course. If you don't have a putter, you will have to get creative. You could use a yardstick with a small box or a selfie stick with a deck of cards. Keep score or not, but enjoy a fun outing from the comfort of your home.

76.Nature Walk

Instead of walking around your neighborhood, go out and explore the wilderness and look at all the different plants.  You can also become a detective by looking at the animal’s poop and tracks.

77.Plan a Prank

We all have been stuck in our homes for a long time. People are probably getting down and there is no better way to cheer somebody up than with a harmless prank. Some fun pranks my sister and I have done are the Brown-E prank where you tell someone that you made them brownies, but instead give them a pan filled with E’s cut out from brown construction paper. Another funny one is to put googly eyes on everything .


78.Write a song

When you write a song, you can pour emotion into it and it makes you feel better. You can write about anything and then perform it or just keep it to yourself.

79.Learn calligraphy

Make your handwriting beautiful and learn how to do different types of writing so you can stun your teachers and friends. You can use this to make posters, notes to your friends, and other things more amazing.


80.Look at your ancestry 

Do you know your ancestry? There are many different tools online but start off by talking to a grandparent or great aunt/uncle. You can learn what makes you you.


81.Make up a dance

Making up creative dances is so much fun. Take your favorite songs and interpret them with dance moves that go along with them.

82.Play 52 card exercise pick up.

Throw a deck of cards on the floor face down (can be done with playing cards or UNO) and assign each suite/color an exercise group: Clubs=sit-up, Spades=push up, Diamonds=squats, Hearts=jumping jacks. For face cards, do the exercise the number on the card. For kings, queens, jacks, and aces, do it 11 times. For example, if you pick up King of Spades, you would do 11 pushups.


83.Make a restaurant

Turn your kitchen into a fancy restaurant. Plan out a menu with 3 courses: appetizers, entrees, and, the best part, desserts. Set the table to make it look fancy, cook the food, open up the doors and have fun serving your guests.. 


84.Theme nights 

We have been eating at home a lot. It is getting boring, and we need to switch it up. One fun way to do this is theme nights. Some ideas you can do are Dress Up Night, Italian Night, and Beach Night. Personally, my favorite one is Disney Night. Dress up as your favorite Disney character and make food from the movies.


85.Write a letter to someone who impacted your life

Write to someone that impacted your life. You can write to a YouTuber or athlete who has inspired you to go for your dreams. You could also write to a coach or a teacher who has helped you achieve those goals. 


86.Learn to make a fancy drink

You can’t go and sit in Starbucks or Smoothie King, but try to make a drink yourself. You can create your own perfect drink or find recipes online. Here is a starbucks link for recipe https://bit.ly/2ANRroy 



Set up the water bottles you use for school or the paper towels that people have been hoarding like bowling pins in a hallway. Take a small ball or make one out of aluminum foil and roll it to knock the pins down. Strike out with a fun game!


88.Red carpet

Host a red carpet! Dress up in beautiful clothing. You can make a fun background and have someone take pictures while others pose. If you want to get a crafty, look up pictures from the Met Gala or another fancy red carpet event and make dresses with the recycled materials you have at home.

89.Write a letter to the future you

A couple of years ago in math class, we did this and the next year we opened it. It was so much fun to see how much we had changed! You can see what you were thinking, what was important to you, and even the change in your handwriting..

90.Make a care package for a friend

Make a cute care package for a friend by putting some of their favorite foods or maybe something that has been entertaining you like games or movies into a box along with a note. Then mail it or deliver it to their door. You will brighten your friend’s day!


91.Make a print with household items

Take household items that have been approved by parents and use them to make a wonderful print. Dip and object into paint and then press it carefully onto a piece of paper. You can use a toy truck and print the wheels, bubble wrap, or cut a design into a half a potato..


92.Pool day

Even though we can’t go to the public or club pools, you can plan a fun pool day in your backyard. Make a water slide out of the slide if you have one on your swing set or use a tarp and make a Slip & Slide. Play a sport you normally play at the pool and eat popsicles.


93.Million-dollar project

Have you ever thought about what you would do with a million dollars? Spend some time dreaming about it and then research how much things cost and plan out exactly how you would spend it. You could buy a house, a car, go on an awesome vacation, or give money to charity.

94.Write for change

Whether you are writing to a school administrator or a governor or a restaurant, you can advocate for changes that you feel are important. You can write about anything that you feel passionate about. Spend some time researching the issue so you can write an effective letter.  

95.Think up a company

Have you ever had a brilliant business idea? Think up an awesome product or business and make a pitch to your family and friends like you are on Shark Tank.


96.Rock Art

Go out into your yard and find a flattish rock so you can paint it. .You can paint anything whether that is just a design or a message. Once you paint your rock you can put it in your yard, give it to a friend, or put in a public place to brighten someone’s day.

97.Learn about native animals + plants

Learn about animals and plants that are native to your area. This is important because invasive plants can take over and harm other plants and animals. Here is a link to help you find out what native plants in your area https://www.nwf.org/nativePlantFinder/plants. See if you can find them on your walks.

98.Turn an unused space into a lounge

Watch some HGTV shows to get inspiration and turn the end of a hallway or a corner into your dream hang out. Our family turned a corner into a hang out, with seats for 4 and snacks. To make it more homey we add photos and decorations


99.Makes stickers

Do you ever look for stickers and can’t find what you want or don't want to pay the price? You can easily make them with packing tape, parchment paper and a print out of anything. Here is a link of how https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcDPzVua3EY


100. Kahoot + Quiz

Make up a quiz or Kahoot about your favorite subject or about you.  Test your family and see who needs to pay more attention!

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